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Welcome and thanks for coming to AtmoWorks.  We would definitely like to extend a very warm and hearty thank you to all who have supported AtmoWorks over the past years.  We’ve entered into our second decade in existence and continue to explore our creative impulse to create engaging Art.


05. AtmoWorks Veris - Cover Art 150px9-25-14 – AtmoWorks brings you our latest release of Veris. A single, continuous 30 minute piece of cinematic and symphonic aural voyaging awaits the listener. Here is what Vir Unis has to say about the announcement of Veris:

“Veris is an amalgamation of botany, numbers, conversion, adaptation, transformation, and evolution fueled by willful composition, artful mixing, and surgical mastering. For the artists of Atmoworks, duo, Vir Unis & MjDawn, Veris represents numerical alchemy and sonic fruition. Starting with the numerical representation of flower DNA and the data processing into MIDI information, these two artists transformed organic biology into a cathedral of haunting choirs, arpeggios of recurring piano motifs, soaring strings, rising and falling atmospherics, and seemingly random orchestral noises, that strives to match the sublime majesty and elegance of a Spring flower. Originally commissioned by the city of Chicago for a botanical expo at Navy Pier in the early Spring of 2013, AtmoWorks is proud to announce the studio HD release of Veris.”

Available as MP3 or high quality FLAC downloads!

Final Front Cover for A New Aeon8-26-13 – AtmoWorks is proud to announce the release of Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon). To celebrate the release of this classic, which was originally released in 2000 by Greenhouse Music, co-founder and long time friend of Vir Unis, MjDawn went back to the original recorded files and put together an unedited version of Aeonian Glow. Rather than go the well tread route of remixing or remastering, MjDawn meticulously crafted a vision of this album that is the truest and most accurate form intended by the artist, With great respect for the first release of this album, which was produced and mixed by renowned Steve Roach, he went about working solely from the unearthed pre-mixed files. With the latest mastering programs and techniques, a very unique vision of this album took place. A lost track was found, so there’s unheard music on this latest incarnation, and there’s several more minutes of tracks, including 7-8 more minutes of the epic track “A Night of Passage”. All technological advances in mastering and mixing hardware/software aside, what we have hear is the timeless and classic work of a master engineer and producer, MjDawn, creating a sweeping and cinematic vision of a very intense body of ambient music by Vir Unis. Clocking in around an hour and a half, be sure to find a secret and comfortable space in which to imbibe the glow of timeless atmospheres and soaring washes of sound, swirling and percolating in a brew of light rays and dark abysses.

Here is what MjDawn has to say about the making of Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon):

“Try to wrap your head around this:  Your favorite artist like Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode or David Bowie asks you to mix and master a new version of their most famous album.  This is an album you love.  And then they tell you that they’ve dug up unused extended versions of the tracks and an unreleased track as well.  So not just a “remix”, but a new version that has never seen the light of day.  This is what my best friend, John did for me.
Aeonian Glow has always been one of the most influential ambient albums in my music collection.  It’s not just an album by a good friend.  It’s a statement.  And it has an ongoing impact on the music I make.
So imagine the mind-scramble that I got thrown into!  John asked me to re-envision his masterwork.  I accepted and balked at the same time.  What was I going to do with it?  What a terror of a responsibility. So I began .  John gave me old session versions of mixes.  He gave me old unearthed audio tracks.  And I dug threw it.  And it became clear to me: Here was an amazing opportunity for a fan to get to listen to their favorite album the way they would like to.  And what a blast it was.  I got to LIVE this album.  I combed through every nuance of it’s beauty.  I dissected and bathed in all of it’s timeless moments.  Yeah I got to live inside this entrancing world.  You only get an experience like this once in a lifetime.  It was an honor, privilege and great personal joy.
So what you have is my own excursion through Aeonian Glow.  This is how it sounds to me.  How I love to listen to it.  And I hope this is what John and all of you love to hear as well.  It was a priceless learning experience.  I can’t thank John enough for the opportunity.  And in the end, he let me brand it with my own visual artwork as well.  What do you say?!  From beginning to end, Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon) is a source of great pride and joy for me.  And I can’t say enough how excited I am to share it with you!”

Available in high fidelity 320K 16-bit MP3 and high glossy 24 bit lossless FLAC , this release embodies AtmoWorks love and commitment to the Ambient tradition.  And also pays homage to the master, Vir Unis, and his long lasting gifts to the electronic community with the highest quality of audio!

nights-3002-11-13 – It is with great pleasure that AtmoWorks brings you “Nights”, the latest ambient drift album from miKroNaught! “Nights” is a remix album of miKroNaught’s previous release, “Gamma”. Here is the original description of “Gamma”:

“Gamma” represents a live incarnation of miKroNaught comprising Vir Unis, MjDawn, and Arpan Shah of ABReaction. Based on live improvisation and years of work in a myriad of projects, this trio got together in early 2010 for two live performances. Edited in the studio and mastered by MjDawn, produced by miKroNaught.”

Here is what MjDawn has to say about “Nights”: “I worked up these ambient remixes of Gamma while I was preparing the original album release. It was my intention, back in 2010, to put together complete drift mixes that could be used by ritualists and spiritually minded people for ceremony and meditation. Over the next couple of years, I shared these mixes with close friends and we all used them for musical scoring in our daily spiritual practices. The response from my friends was overwhelming how much they enjoyed the mixes. After a time, we decided to share these mixes with the greater community of spiritual Seekers. It is my hope that they bring the same joy and peace to you as they have myself and friends.”

Available in high fidelity 320K 16-bit MP3.  This release continues miKroNaught’s commitment to bringing both the electronic community and seekers on their spiritual path the purest of intention and highest quality of audio available!

musicofelements front-1501-31-13 – AtmoWorks is very proud and excited to announce the official global release of “Astrological Magic: Music Of The Elements,” which is the first installment in the ongoing Astrological Magic series.  “Music Of The Elements” was specially composed by recognized electronic artist and ritualist, MjDawn, to accompany the Elemental rituals published in the book “Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations.”  These ambient soundtracks are intended to help transport the listener to the Elemental realms, rising from Earth through Spirit in their spiritual path to harmony and well-being. Available in high glossy 24 bit lossless FLAC, and high fidelity 320K 16-bit MP3, “Astrological Magic: Music Of The Elements” promises an immersive meditation on the essence of Elemental spaces.

Also included in either equally priced digital package is the original artwork and liner notes. This release establishes MjDawn in his commitment to bringing both the adventurous ritual explorer and electronic community the best caliber of spiritual intention and highest quality of audio available!

11-22-2012 – The “Astrological Magic Series”by MjDawn is an accompaniment work of music created along with the release of the book “Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations” by Dr. Benjamin Dykes & Jayne Gibson.  The intent is to create a body of musical work designed to be played along with the rituals included in this informative book.  Please check out this link about the book for further information:


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